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What is the element Beryllium ?
Updated: 9/16/2020
What is the element Beryllium ?
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  • The what now ?
  • hey do you know about the element beryllium ?
  • okay so first, Beryllium's symbol is Be. It is an element that is an Alkaline earth metal, has an atomic number of 4, atomic mass of 9.012. It has 4 protons, 5 neutrons and 4 electrons.
  • Fun fact, the element can be found in minerals beryl and it was discovered in 1798 by a man named Louis Nicolas Vauquelin.
  • The sources of beryllium are beryl and bertrandite. Beryllium has a total of 12 isotopes. The main use for this element is it can be used for electrical contacts.
  • The melting point of beryllium is 1,287 and the boiling point is 5,378, also the density is 1.85g/cm3. Beryllium is distributed in earths crust is occurred in earths igneous rock.
  • Beryllium is mostly found in the solids phase and also this element is a metal. So yeah that's all for Beryllium.
  • wow....
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