PreCalc Trig Comic
Updated: 12/11/2019
PreCalc Trig Comic
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  • 52
  • x
  • 36°
  • x
  • 2.13feet
  • 8 ft
  • 100 ft
  • 2.726feet
  • 45°
  • 25 ft
  • 3.46feet
  • 38
  • 7.5 ft
  • x
  • Where art thou, Butters? :(
  • Nah. Too far.
  • mathcosθ = adjacent/hypotenusecos45 = x/100(cos45)(100) = xx = 70.711 feet
  • mathtanθ = opposite/adjacenttan36 = x/25(tan36)(25) = xx = 18.164 feet
  • Nah. Too tall.
  • Oh no! Emizabeth has lost her pet cat Butters. If she doesn't find him before her mom gets home, she's going to get a butt-whooping. But where could he possibly be?
  • Perhaps he's inside the leaves.
  • Maybe he's in the hot air balloon? How far is the hot air balloon from the anchor's position within the ground if the rope connecting them is 100 feet long and is at a 45°?
  • meow
  • Butters! There you are. Come. I'm taking you back home.
  • Next stop, the Tower Inc. Building, Butter's favorite place in town. Perhaps he climbed the building. If Emizabeth was 25 feet away and looking at the building at a 36° angle, how tall was the Tower Inc. Building?
  • Emizabeth's Trigonometric Journey by VictorMarquez
  • Losing hope, Emizabeth's last stop for the day was Butters' favorite tree. It was the only orange tree in the whole town. Emizabeth wondered, if the ladder was 8 feet tall and the tree trunk was 7.5 feet tall, at what degree did she have to put the ladder relative to the ground?
  • mathsin-1(opposite/hypotenuse) = θsin-1(7.5/8) = xx = 69.636°
  • As Emizabeth began to climb the tree, she saw two furry, yellow ears peak out of the leaves. Excited, she climbed faster and found... BUTTERS! Trigonometry had saved the day. Again.
  • The End! :)
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