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Smelly feat
Updated: 9/23/2019
Smelly feat
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  • Setting, Characters, Conflict
  • Rising action
  • Rising action
  • The setting is in Berin's neighborhood, his house, school, and turtle island. The main character's are Berin , Old Shelly, and Horse and his gang. The conflict is self vs self and person vs self.
  • Climax
  • Berin's dad and sister make fun of his feet because they stink. The mouses and cat passes out when Berin comes around with his feet. He ends up going to turtle beach and he sees Horse and his gang near where Old Shelly lays her eggs. They threaten to harm Old Shelly. Berin comes up with a plan to not take off his shoes for 3 months to save Shelly from the gang.
  • Falling action and Resolution
  • November 20th comes and Berin is in class when he notices Horse and his gang is not there. He knew that they were at Turtle island trying to catch Old Shelly. He felt hopeless to save Old Shelly. He begs his teacher to let him go save Shelly but he wont let him go. Berin takes off his shoes and the whole class passes out going straight to sleep. He then sets off to Turtle island to save Shelly. He goes through water to save Shelly but, his powers are now gone because of the crystal clear water has washed them away.
  • Theme
  • Since Berin's stinky feet power has gone away he stands up to the gang without any of his stinky feet power. Horse and his gang go after Berin and surround him. Berin reaches in his pocket to try an find something to use against the gang. He finds a stinky sock and holds it up in the air and the gang falls and passes out.
  • Old shelly is now safe and lays her eggs. Berin's no longer afraid of the gang because he has his stinky socks and feet power. The gang runs away when they wake back up.
  • Stand up for what is right.
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