Say No To Drugs

Updated: 6/19/2020
Say No To Drugs

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, do you want to come and eat some poison with us?
  • Wait... what!?
  • Poison! Don't tell me you've never tried it! You'll love it!
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Yeah man. It's great! It makes you crazy, you see things that aren't there. You get sick and it messes up your teeth and face.You. Could Even. Die.
  • Yeah! It is so awesome! You have got to try it!
  • What are you saying? Can you even hear yourselves?
  • Whatever does happen, it will for sure mess up your life! I promise.
  • I mean, don't get to excited. You might not die. You could lose your job, fail school, end up in the hospital. But you also might die. It is a possibility.
  • Yep and if the drugs don't get you the fear and paranoia will.
  • Umm... Uh... I...I...I...I gotta go!!
  • The best part is that you think we are you're friends now, but just you wait... We are going to turn on you big time. Hee Hee...
  • So... What do you say/ It is going to be so cool!
  • What if, instead of trying to make drugs seem cool, people just told you the truth instead?
  • That's a hard no for me.