Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • Macbeth Banquo and the witches
  • You will be Thane of Crawdor, also a King Macbeth. Also Banquo's sons will be all kings.
  • Macbeth starts thinking about himself
  • What if what they said that I'm going to be a king is real.
  • I need to do something to really become a king just like the witches said.
  • King Duncan dies
  • I'm going to be king now.
  • HELP ME.
  • Help the lady!
  • If I don't kill him his family are going to take off me the legacy of King.
  • Macbeth and Banquo are going to the Forres and in the path they see some witches that they told them the future.
  • Macbeth second plan
  • I want both of you to kill Banquo.
  • Macbeth finally become a Thane just like the witches said to him. Now he is thinking that if he is really going to be a king just like the witches say. He starts to do a plan with his wife to really become a king.
  • The start of a war
  • ....
  • Join me to fight against Macbeth.
  • Duncan, king of Scotland, appeared dead. Macbeth is the one who killed him but no one knows only Lady Macbeth. And is rare that she lay down because that is not new news to her.
  • The death of Macbeth
  • Now that Macbeth is the king he begin to think about that the family of Banquo is gong to take him everything away from him, so he hire some servants and he said to both, that if they killed Banquo Macbeth is giving to both some money.
  • Macduff goes to Malcom(son of Duncan) and tell him that if he can help him to fight against Macbeth by creating a army. Also Macduff cousin arrives and tell Macduff bad news... the bad news is that the son and the wife of him(Macduff) have been murdered.
  • Sorry but, Macduff I have bad news, don't kill me.
  • Malcom, Macduff, a whole army and horses arrived to Macbeth castle. Macbeth and his army was defeated and when Macbeth was murdered they put his head in a spear and took that spear up like a victory. Finally Malcom took and put on in his head the crown of the king of Scotland.
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