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The Lottery
Updated: 5/20/2020
The Lottery
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Storyboard Description

Jose R. Lopez Sierra #14 10-2

Storyboard Text

  • The day of the Lottery
  • The kids and the rocks
  • Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon!!!
  • The Lottery
  • In the north village they are talking about giving up the lottery.
  • Tessie one of the persons that live in the village, and she is late for the Lottery event that starts at 10am. She didn't remember that that was the day of the event until she realized that her family wasn't in home and they were outside. She arrives the Lottery and says that she arrive late because she was washing the dishes.
  • Bill Hutchinson and the Lottery
  • That isn't fair!! Come on.
  • Some kids were putting a lot of rocks together. That rocks are used for some kind of murder in the story that me as the reader didn't see coming that act.
  • Tessie's paper
  • Wait shut up. Wait this isn't fair!!
  • Mr.Summer was directing the Lottery. One old man in the croud says a comment of the Lottery that is very interesting...
  • The murder.
  • WA....I...T!!
  • The paper with the big black point in the center arrives to Hutchinson family. Also Tessie, the wife of Bill says that that isn't fair because the way that he take the paper.
  • When Tessie Hutchinson took her paper his husband Bill Hutchinson announces it to the persons in the square.
  • When the people find out that the paper of Tessie has the big black point in the center they hit and kill her with the rocks that the kids were playing and putting together.
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