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From time to City
Updated: 10/1/2019
From time to City
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  • HeyI just had a amazing idea!, I think we should start planting, what should we call it Farmia?
  • Sure Farimia! See you later! I am going to start planting corn, so I think irrogation would be a good thing to do. Bye!
  • Hmm, we should name it after me, how about farming? Infact, maybe we should settle down,instead of being a buch of nomads, you know? That over place over there looks nice to settle down!
  • Wow, now that we have settled down there is so much more food Chairbert!
  • And look at all these people! The population has grown Mary!
  • You know what Lawette, Maybe you should try specialization! I am going to become a pastoralist.
  • Hey Mark, I don't know what to do anymore now that I have so much free time. I am soooo bored around here.
  • Hmm, your right. I love agriculture! Maybe I can be a farmer, like my grandmother, Farmina!
  • You young folks and your new advanced technology! Back in my day, we actually talked to each other! You know I made my best friend by talking about how much free time we had and then, blah blah blah, blah, blah... Next thing you know people are going to start writing stuff down!
  • Father! Look what I made! I am going to name it after grand-pappy Chairbert! Lets name it a chair!
  • This is a great story to write down! Let me grab my quill and parchment!
  • I heard that you have the best jewels in town, I would like to exchange my diamond for your necklace
  • You can't stop me!
  • You know what?! I can I am going to make some rules around this uncivilized neighborhood! I am going to call them laws, after my grandmother, Lawette!
  • Hmm, sure,but I also want your horse if he is domesticated. We need a name for this, though. Lets call it trading, after me, Trader.
  • Welcome to the humble neighborhood of modern civilization!
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