a hole to another world .
Updated: 3/1/2021
a hole to another world .

Storyboard Text

  • Alfie is a boy that like adventure . But when he is finding for an adventure he found a big dark hole in his rickety shed.
  • is that a hole ?
  • That door brought him escaping the monster world. He found himself a the edge of the jungle where is safe.
  • He doesn't want to get in because he is worried that it will be too dangerous for a child but he is very curious too then he decided to just get in the hole.
  • He went in and realized that he is in a forest of nowhere that has lots of monsters.
  • He runs away from those scary monsters, finally he found a magic door that leads him into monster world and he went in.
  • so good
  • He found Oroso the king of this land. Oroso wakes up and Alfie is going to another monster world.