Indian removal act
Updated: 2/10/2020
Indian removal act

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izzy, brooke, siena

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  • Cherokees live in peace
  • Andrew Jackson elected president
  • The indian removal act
  • The cherokees and other indian tribes had happy lives and they lived in peace where they kept to themselves and minded their business. They practiced their own religions freely.
  • Cherokee vs. Georgia
  • Jackson was elected president in 1828 he did what past presidents had wanted to do however not accomplished. He wanted to take indians land by persuading them because america would flourish with more land to grow crops.
  • The trail of tears
  • As americans forced their way into indian land we had them sign treaties to hand over their land to us. It wasnt easy however we were able to bribe them with foolish gifts to win them over.
  • The cotton gin
  • The United states supreme court ruled that the cherokee nation was a dependent nation with the united states. A series of laws were passed by Georgia state the laws basically stated that the cherokees had to rights.
  • 16,000 Cherokee indians were forced out of there homes and moved to Oklahoma. 4,000 of them died from diesese, cold, and hunger on there way to western lands.
  • With signing the Indian removal act it gave the federal government power to take native land. The only reason they wanted the land was for their cotton fields which led to the invention of the cotton gin which kickstarted the industrial revolutionu