The second tale

Updated: 5/5/2020
The second tale

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  • Along the greenery lived a man who the villagers called the Apothecary or the chemist. He was a bitter man who charged a lot for his cures. His patients then went to more modern healers which made him even more bitter(p.45 The second tale)
  • Among the village lived the parson. The parson had two daughters and a yew tree. The yew tree can be used by the apothecary to heal any soul. Though you would have to cut the tree down. The parson would never let the apothecary cut down the tree because it gave shelter and protection. (p.46 The second tale)
  • Then the parson's daughters suddenly fell ill with an infection and everything the parson did to help them, failed. He let go of his pride and went to the apothecary for forgiveness and help.(p.46 The second tale)
  • we need help...
  • He begged the apothecary for forgiveness and asked him if he could help his daughters. He even offered to give the yew tree. The parson then said that he would give anything if the apothecary could save his daughters. The apothecary refused all of the options and closed the door on the parson. (p.47 The second tale)
  • no
  • You may have the yew tree
  • Please for my two daughters
  • The parson's two daughters then died that night.
  • Oh my god... no
  • Was this the punishment they deserved?
  • The tree then destroyed the parson's house
  • The parson and his wife fled from their house
  • Totally.