Updated: 11/25/2019

Storyboard Text

  • we should all go out for lunch
  • sounds good!
  • Zeus, Aphrodite, and Ares are all Best friends
  • Haha! You're so funny! We should get lunch again alone!
  • Zeus wants to go on a date with Aphrodite because he loves her
  • She's mine!
  • Yes of course
  • I love Aphrodite! Shes mine!!
  • I thought we were friends?!
  • Not anymore...
  • We shall fight over her love!!
  • I WON! I get Aphrodite!
  • Ares and Zeus fight and Ares wins the fight by killing Zeus
  • Ares tells Aphrodite he won, but he eventually realizes something
  • Aphrodite! I won your love!
  • But you don't love me...
  • You're right... I was jealous
  • I loved Zeus