kenzuke monke man

Updated: 5/18/2021
kenzuke monke man

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Michael gets stranded on an island
  • he explores the island
  • he gets to the top if the island but finds nothing
  • he falls of the Peggy sue, then floats on his football until he got stranded
  • he walks around the island and try's to find water
  • he explore the island, climbs up the mountain finding nothing but water, trees and gibbons.
  • he finds glass, and starts a fire
  • when he gets to the top and finds nothing, he climbs back down and searches the island for fresh water
  • monkey man puts out fire
  • he walks across the whole shoreline, and finds nothing so he has to find another way.
  • he finds glass near a shipwreck and uses it to start a fire(DISCLAMER: the dog is not actually barbequed)
  • a strange monkey man puts out the fire