age of jackson
Updated: 2/9/2020
age of jackson

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  • I am voting for Jackson. He represents the common man!
  • Laborers, farmers and frontiersmen were some of Jackson's biggest supporters.
  • women'svotes
  • Under Jackson's 2 terms as President American Democracy expanded. However, women and freed slaves were still not allowed to vote.
  • freed slaves
  • One of President Jackson's first acts was the proposal of the "Indian removal act". Under this act Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chicasaws and Seminoles would trade their land for new land west of the Mississippi.
  • WHY?
  • moving sale
  • Exposure, starvation and fevers claimed the lives of about a fourth of them during the 800 mile journey.
  • Trail of Tears
  • In 1837, federal troops were called in to relocate approx. 16,000 Cherokee Indians
  • support the common man
  • Force Bill
  • UNIONnext to our libertymost Dear
  • Nullification crisis
  • Tariff of AbominationsCHANGE TARIFF RATES
  • I am President Jackson! Removal all federal deposit from the National Bank and put them in State banks!
  • They will be more agreeable to lending to the common man like farmers!
  • BANK
  • Lessons learned: no matter how much progress is made, there is always more to do to better the world we live in!