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Updated: 9/16/2020
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  • What a wonderful day to be alive! Soon the states will be further united with a stronger federal government.
  • Not really, it won't even have a Bill of Rights to everlasting protect our freedoms!
  • Yet they will demand too many taxes!
  • A powerful central government can't endanger liberties because of its limited powers.
  • The new Constitution will bring together our conflicting states and make a powerful country.
  • Are you insane?! That's what they want you to think. This will only recreate a tyranny!
  • No, the 3 new branches of government will balance out one another to create limited power and prevented dictatorship.
  • Then how can the president be elected over and over again, like a king!
  • I agree with the federalist for a more powerful government. For one, it will bring the states more together to help solve our nation's problems.
  • The constitution will also still let the states carry out the responsibilities to ​do what's best for their people. This means most powers are still in the state's hands.
  • Oh...
  • That's preposterous!
  • Besides, if we don't improve the powers of our government, then who will have the strength to protect us during times of war?
  • That's why we need the Constitution to be ratified so that we can remain safe and secure everybody's freedoms!
  • But the central government needs some powers to tax in order to provide a military, make treaties, and trade with other countries.
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