The 3 Great Events of Marco Polo's life
Updated: 2/8/2020
The 3 Great Events of Marco Polo's life

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  • Yes, sister. I believe that is our only choice, my lord. We cannot abandon the child.
  • Marco's mother just died of labour pain! And his father and uncle have set off to trade on the Silk Road! What do we do now?!
  • What do you mean?Poor child! He isn't even a day old, and now has no close relations. We, as his extended relatives, will have to take care of him, until his father returns. We must be his guardians.
  • Are the words flowing out of your lips. filled with truth, sister? 
  • 16 Years later
  • Thank you my friend.
  • Ah! I'm finally home, my son, to embrace you.
  • Yes, my son. Shall we take leave, Marco?
  • Thank you, uncle. I shall never ever forget your family's support.
  • Father... You?
  • Go on, child, for you are his direct descendant. Go on, for he is your father.