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Alyssa Loudon
Updated: 11/3/2019
Alyssa Loudon
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  • Feudalism
  • Welcome to Medieval Europe! I am a Lady, and I offer people land and protection.
  • Monarchs
  • I am a queen. My job is to manage the land, but it is difficult because we do not have enough money to run an army.
  • Lords/Ladies
  • I'm very sorry, but I can not stay for long. I have a party to attend. Hopefully, there will be lots of food and dancing.
  • Feudalism was a system in medieval Europe where people got land in return for offering protection.
  • Knights
  • After all of these years, I've finally done it! I will become a knight and serve my Lord.
  • Monarchs (Kings and Queens) lived in large castles. Their jobs were to manage the land and maintain control, but they relied heavily on Lords and Ladies for this because they did not have enough money.
  • Serfs
  • I am serf. Every time I finish working and decide to grind my grain, I have to give almost all of it up to the Lord. It isn't fair.
  • Lords and Ladies lived in large manor houses or castles. They were very important because they managed the land; they also regularly attended parties, feasted, hunted, and played board games, such as chess.
  • The Knighting Ceremony was a religious ceremony. Once knighted, knights lived by chivalry, a code that included respect, bravery, loyalty, and protecting their citizens.
  • Serfs were peasants that were tied to the Lord/Lady's land. They lived very unfair lives, and did not have much money at all.
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