Updated: 12/5/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! My shelter! My food and storage! It's all gone now because of this tornado!!
  • Wow, I haven't seen this plane in months.. what a coincidence. I wonder if they have any kind of emergency pack that I could use..
  • I found an emergency pack AND they have transmitter!
  • This is perfect, now I can signal for help!
  • Hello little boy, what are you doing out here in the woods?
  • Hello sir, I got lost when my plane crashed a few months ago. I am the only person who survived, from what I know.
  • Yes please! I would love to go home.
  • Oh well, I am a bush pilot and I saw the signal from the transmitter. Are you ready to go home son?
  • Thank you so much for taking me home to see my dad! I am so grateful to finally, be saved from these woods.
  • No problem! Your'e lucky I got that transmitter signal.