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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • back story
  • "im the king so you all are gonna listen to what i say do"
  • continue
  • we need to put a stop to the king
  • "im sorry sir but i don't have anything to give you"
  • "im the king so worship me with riches"
  • "pathetic"
  • introduction to meliek
  • i believe you have what it takes son but make sure you complete the task at night
  • yes father
  • once A wealthy king by the name of ark used to live in the wealthiest part of Egypt. He was very rich,he never married and he was quit mean. he used to fight in wars so he was very skilled and many people were afraid of him. he was a very harsh king and death was wished upon him, no one had the guts to do it though so the king continued on his ruling.
  • he would cheat the poor out of their money and starve them aswell. he cared nothing for his people only for wealth and praise. everyone wanted him dethroned or killed because of his harsh rules and lies. many of them made plans to kill the king but felt that it had to be done with weapons and they were too poor to buy any.
  • a old man has been fed up with the treatment of the people so the man tells his son by the name of meliek of the kings awful deeds. meliek was very tall,very buff and had many skills, his father was a trainer and he saw his sons ability. The young man was very strong but never harmed any one before. he was very hesitant about the idea but, he took it on for his father. the father saw the king coming to the end of his road and told the son to kill him in his sleep to make it seem like it was old age, the boy agreed.
  • the young man took on the challenge, he decided to go at night. no one knew what he was gonna do except him and his father. the young man decided that since the king had guards and things at the doors he would climb to the roof and go in through a side window where no one could see him and thats what he did
  • he approached the kings bedside he looked him in the eyes while he was sleep and he both of his hands and lifted them up towards his neck,not knowing his own strength the young man had broken the kings neck with just a single touch, the young man rushed back home knowing what he had done. the morning followed and it came time for the king to wake up but, he did not. people were astonished that the king had just died overnight like that but, they ruled it as old age.
  • zzzzzzzz
  • maliek onthe other hand had know the evil deed he had done for his father and in regret he killed his father in cold blood, the young man continued to kill anyone who was wrongful and that lead him to become the king and fight in wars that he later died in. the people were very grateful for this deed and thought he made a great king, he had 3 sons and married twice and the eldest son ruled after his father and was good.