Cancer Fabiana and Mariya
Updated: 2/12/2020
Cancer Fabiana and Mariya

Storyboard Text

  • Deajah,Did you know that cigarettes contain many cancer causing chemicals?
  • Emma no one really cares many people smoke everyday
  • I think you should go to the hospital just to check yourself since that coughing did not sound very well
  • I will think about it.
  • This does not matter right now, I am more concerned about your health
  • I hate going to the hospital you know that.
  • Deajah is hangning out with Emma, who brought ciggarettes and started smoking them, knowing they contain cancerogen chemicals that spread in the human body.
  • Nothing much my friend is just thinking i have lung cancer, so we want to check that out.
  • So what is bothering you today, young lady?
  • As Emma was smoking; she started to cough very hard which made Deajah concerned about Emma's lungs health, since this has been happening for a long time.
  • No way!!!!!
  • I am sorry Emma but you have lung cancer.
  • Day after this has happened, Deajah took Emma to the hospital to get checked.
  • Cigarette are the easy way to commit suicide. for more information go to
  • As Emma was getting checked out Deajah nervousy was waititng in the room
  • When the doctor come to tell girls the result after observing everything he came to the conclusion that Emma has lung cancer.
  • As we can can see Emma is very sad about her having a lung cancer just from causes of the cigarettes.