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By Davis and Lucas
Updated: 12/6/2018
By Davis and Lucas
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  • Man v. Man
  • "We'd be bound to give the money to her." { pg.10}
  • "The money don't go there." {pg.11}
  • Man v. Nature
  • "Just back up slow and quiet to the ladder and climb up to the loft." {pg 1}
  • Man v. Self
  • "No, she said, I didn't earn it. It comes from selling the calf. I was only going to bury it-til it was needed." {pg.43}
  • "We're freeman of the state of Vermont." { pg.41} 
  • This is man v. man because they were arguing about how they are going to use the money. Charles and Lyddie sold their calf and don't know what to do with the money they got. Lyddie wants to keep the money to use on something else, but Charles says that they should give their money to their Mom.
  • This show man v. nature because the bear broke into the cabin and ruined it and tried to attack lyddie and her family. The black bear broke in to the cabin and tries to attack them so the run to the loft to hide. The bear sticks its head into the kettle and trashes the place up.
  • This shows man v. self because she has to decide if she should return Ezekiel, give him the money or keep the money herself. Lyddie is deciding if she should turn Ezekiel or not to turn him in . Or to give money to him so he can go up to Canada and be free.
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