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Zheng He
Updated: 10/1/2020
Zheng He
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  • Three years before Ma He was born, The chinese took back their empire under the new Ming dynasty. When Ma He was about 10 years old, The Ming army came and took back Yunnan. They killed his father and captured him.
  • He was handed over to be a servant of the emperors forth son, Zhu Di. In 1402, Zhu Di took the throne from this nephew by force, changed Ma He’s name to Zheng He and made Zheng He, the director of palace servants.
  • On His 1st and 2nd voyage he went to Calicut and back. But on his 3rd voyage he was gonna go to Calicut but he also had some problem with a king in Ceylon ( Now Sri Lanka) and he even captured the king to be prosecuted in China.
  • His 4th and 5th voyage was to The Persian gulf, Africa, and southeast Asia. And on his 6th voyage he went to take home the foreign emissaries from China and visited a=many more places.
  • Disaster struck when Emperor Yongle dies (Zhu Di) at the end of Zheng He's 6th voyage. His son took over and didn't see any need for Zheng He's Expeditions but died a year into his reign and was succeeded by his son who call upon Zheng He for a another voyage.
  • And with that, Zheng He set out on his last expedition in 1431 but this would be his final expedition because he passed away in Calicut in 1933.
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