The Fun They Had

Updated: 6/29/2020
The Fun They Had

Storyboard Text

  • How is that possible!!How can a man be a teacher!!
  • Margie was doing very bad on her tests.She had been doing worse and worse
  • It is written that they had a man as a teacher and not a robot!
  • Meanwhile......Margie's robot teacher is broken.She is very happy.It was under repair
  • Today's lesson is on English literature
  • Tommy found a book in his attic,he was quite surprised. So was Margie.It was the first time they saw a book
  • How much fun they must have had long ago
  • They found out that long ago,students had humans as teachers
  • Some time later...Margie's robot teacher was repaired and she wasn't happy at all
  • Margie kept thinking about how they had fun these old days.Thinking about this made her sad