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R&J story board - Makala Edwards
Updated: 5/22/2020
R&J story board - Makala Edwards
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  • At the start of the novel, Romeo is extremely depressed because Rosaline is not in love with him as much as he is with her. Benvolio (Romeo's cousin) and Romeo were walking in the streets of Verona. While walking they run into someone who doesn't know how to read. He proceeds to ask if they could help him read the guests list for a party that was being held later that night at a ball at the Capulet's house. When Romeo helped the man, on the list her realized Rosaline's name was on the list. Romeo and his cousin end up crashing the party. During the party Tybalt thinks Romeo wants to start a fight with him. This is because both of their long-feuding families.
  • While looking for Rosaline, Romeo became distracted from his original task and began becoming focused on Juliet. Romeo decides to approach her, throughout their time together the two,talk, dance and at the very end they kiss. The party ended and Romeo left. Juliet on the other hand, wanted to know more about him. Juliet ended up asking the Nurse about Romeo and he asked the Nurse about Juliet. They found out that they were enemies that were now in love.
  • After meeting Juliet at the dance, Romeo has forgotten about Rosaline and has become excessively in love with Juliet. While Benvolio and Mercutio are trying to find Romeo, Romeo is listening in on Juliet by her window. Juliet is talking about how she’d marry Romeo right away if he changed his name. Once Romeo heard what Juliet said, he jumped out and said he will switch his name for her love. Then the following day, they planned to get married.
  • Romeo with his father talks about how in love he is with Juliet and wants to marry her. His father (Friar Lawrence ) tells Romeo yes only because he feels as if Romeo marries Juliet, it would stop the feud between both families. The Nurse and Romeo come up with a plan to allow Juliet to sneak out and marry Romeo. After finding Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio tell Romeo about how he will get married.
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