APUSH Slavery Storyboard
Updated: 11/6/2018
APUSH Slavery Storyboard
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  • SLAVE MARKET IN NEW ORLEANS Elizabeth Lockton's master has died and his estate is getting divided. Elizabeth is one of the slaves that are getting sold.
  • Elizabeth is 12 years old and she was trained to be a seamstress. She is a talented slave and a quick learner. The starting price is 500 dollars. It is an excellent deal since most talented slaves like her start at 1700 dollars.
  • TARA PLANTATION Elizabeth was sold to the James family. She is Mrs. James's personal seamstress and she is allowed to earn money on Saturdays outside of the plantation. However, like many other slaves, she was sold away from her family.
  • I feel like I have an easier life than field hands since I don't have to do manual labor. But it is hard to be under the eye of the mistress all day. She is a kind person, most of the time, and she lets me sleep in the Big House, but I would much rather be free. I feel isolated from the other slaves though.
  • Sometimes, Elizabeth loses needles on purpose as a silent rebellion. She is punished for pricking Mrs. James with a pin during a fitting.
  • You stupid girl! You are going to get whipped for this!
  • I get more punishments since I'm around the master's family more.
  • SLAVE QUARTERS After her punishment was carried out by the overseer, the "healer" on the plantation, Mary, helped heal her wounds. Mary mostly spoke Pidgin to Elizabeth. It was about dinner time and Elizabeth could smell the cornmeal, salt pork, and the molasses. Elizabeth thought of the scraps she got from the master's table.
  • I'm used to treating wounds; a lot of people get injured in the fields.
  • After hearing about how Elizabeth got sold away from her family, Mary decides to "adopt" Elizabeth.
  • You must be hungry; would you like something to eat?
  • I'm sorry that you got sold away from your family.
  • Like other slave women, even after a long day in the fields, Mary cooked corn mush and salt pork.
  • I want to be free. It will be too hard to run away, but I might be able to save up my money on Saturdays to buy my freedom.
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