Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Indus River Civilization existed about 5000 years ago. The biggest ctiies names were Happara and MOhojen-daro
  • A move in the earths crust would make a big effect. If the Indus valley river overflowed it would create salt in the soil.
  • The Indus civilizations home's were not the biggest they had small place to work. That's why they had to sometimes go on the roof. The roof had more room and sunlight.
  • The Indus Civilization ended in 1700 BC. It ended because trade stopped and the houses started to overcrowd.
  • Indus people made clothes by spinning cotton into clothes. They also let clay get hard in hot weather.
  • Indus people had toys like we do today. They had stuffed monkeys they also had pull along toys.