The Unknown Part 2
Updated: 1/30/2020
The Unknown Part 2
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  • This means she has metastatic osteosarcoma. She will have to go through chemotherapy to cure it. I want you guys to be aware that chemotherapy doesn’t always work and there’s a chance she won’t survive. Her cancer formed from a tumor found in her knee and since it’s in such a late stage it had time to spread through the bloodstream to the organs and bones in her body.
  • What are the chances?
  • Is there a way we could’ve prevented this?
  • Dr.Aravant said that it wasn’t anyone’s fault so why do y’all think it’s your fault?
  • There is a 70% chance due to her being diagnosed at a later stage. If we had spotted it at an earlier stage there would’ve been about 85% survival rate.
  • I’m sorry but no. Currently we do not have a way of preventing osteosarcoma.
  • I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs.Ralcheik but we can not determine what caused her case of osteosarcoma. She was very healthy, didn’t have anything done that involved radiation, and she didn’t have any genetic changes. So, I can not tell you why she has been diagnosed.
  • You don’t know how to prevent this then can you tell me what caused this burden in our life?!!
  • Yes, if there was pain in her location of the cancer. You may have not noticed it because she is so young and you may have believed it was growing pains. Seeing as she hasn’t broken anything, no one knew that she had the cancer. If she had broken something we would’ve spotted it began the process sooner.
  • Since NO ONE here can give us the answers we want -
  • Honey, please lower your voice. I think what my husband is trying to say is was there any symptoms that could have noticed to have caught the cancer earlier?
  • It doesn’t matter what those other 98% of parents would’ve done. It’s about what we did and only that. So, you questioning that makes your counseling useless.
  • Yeah. But 98% of parents’ would’ve done the same thing as you.
  • Because we could’ve saved her but we just let it slip under the rug.
  • Pilot Episode:If Only...___________________________________________"Director", producer, editor, writer: Kaylyn McClatcher
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