The decision of the puppy

Updated: 9/11/2020
The decision of the puppy

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  • I don't know sweetie, that's a big responsibility, we'll have to think about it.
  • Can we please get a puppy?Pleaseee?
  • I think we are, we have enough money for vet bills, enough time, and a big enough house and yard to handle it. It's just a matter of if we want a dog
  • Are we ready to take on that big of a respionsibility?
  • Ok! Lets do it!
  • What kind should we get?
  • We should get a female, because they're calmer, and we should problably get a small dog, so Emily stays safe.
  • Yayy!!
  • Let's go get our corgi puppy!
  • Aww, she's so cute!
  • woof!