the good which
Updated: 1/17/2021
the good which

Storyboard Text

  • MOMMY!!
  • I refuse to move I get this side of the room
  • No I want this side by the toy box
  • stop that! I am trying to talk on the phone and your stick whatever is way to loud!
  • There was quite a lot of noise coming from number 13 white willow lane
  • The triplets were fighting over whose bed goes where.
  • AHHHH I can't levitate a simple toy car
  • Haliey and Luke were yelling at each other
  • CHEESE!!!
  • Say Cheese
  • Well you probly missed me Eliza. I am and I am a which
  • Luke is great at plant magic, Haliey is amazing with magical animals, The triplets are still finding there magic that they are good at, well I am good at spells potions and flying. 
  • This is my mom and dad. Mom is a cheerfull lady who loves to bake and play sports with us. This is my dad, he is vary serious and smart. He is a well trained wizard but now he limps because of a blast in a wizard dule, I was 7, He has not smiled since that day.