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Updated: 5/20/2020
science storyboard
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  • what is an igneous rock?is a rock that is formed from the cooling and solidification off lava. it is used for building statues and other stone structures.
  • Erosion is when rocks are moved to another place.Weathering is what breaks rocks.
  • sedimentary rocks are formed when erosion and weathering transports rocks to the bottom of the ocean and they form together
  • i'm an example of a fossil along with all my other dinosaur brothers
  • a fossil is the remains of a once living animal.fossil are made when they are buried in the ground and decompose down to bone. this gives the nutrients that was taken from the producers back to it.
  • Metamorphic rocks can be changed into a different type of rock from a large amount of heat and pressure
  • Heat and pressure can form to minerals together to make a whole new rock.For this event to occur the rocks must be deep in the earths crust.the type of rock that is affected by heat and pressure are sedimentary rocks.
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