Unknown Story
Updated: 1/28/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Let us leave here without delay for Kishkindha, Do thou precede us. When we come to that city, O Sugriva, it is for thee to challenge Bali, who is brother in name only 
  • If you have such strength to defeat all gods why not my brother Bali?
  • It's nothing like that! You are brothers, I rather accidently stand there than kill your friend.
  • Rama why would you not help me! If you didn't want to fight you should have warned me.
  • Rama pierced the seven Sala trees. Also, his arrow entered and struck the mountain before returning to his quiver.
  • After watching Rama pierce the seven Sala trees with astonishment. Sugriva had an idea to express to Rama. Sugriva wanted Rama's help to defeat his brother who stole his throne and to exile his brother.
  • After fighting Bali Sugriva retreat to the mountain sad and injured. When Rama catches up Sugriva is very sad that Rama did not help him But Rama makes sure to reassure him.