Road Safety
Updated: 1/10/2021
Road Safety

Storyboard Text

  • Hey wanna gang out after school?
  • Sure
  • (OUTSIDE)People are going to school. (5 SECONDS) Can hear chatter in the background with laughing
  • (INSIDE)People are in a classroom, you can hear the teacher talking, close up of 2 kids whispering something and giggling after. (10 SECONDS) You hear the bell ring at the end
  • (INSIDE)You hear the slamming of a locker and they turn around and talk to the guy from class (7 SECONDS)
  • (OUTSIDE)After school, they take a phone from a child and throw it about then hear a scream and start running (8 SECONDS)(CAMERA FOLLOW)
  • Give me MY PHONE!!
  • (OUTSIDE)Kids are running around the town, you can hear panting and a few extreme close up shots of sweat running down their face.(15 SECONDS)(CAMERA FOLLOW)
  • (OUTSIDE) Kids are running and they run down an alleyway without looking ad get hit by a truck. You can hear tyres screeching, ambulances ringing and screams as the screen is black. (12 SECONDS) Then on the screen appears the sentence, always check the road no matter the rush (3 SECONDS)
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