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Updated: 10/11/2019
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  • " The Bycicle and the Sweet-Shop"
  • " Get your finger off my chocolate!Get out!
  • "We love candy. It is our life"
  • "The Great Mouse Plot"
  • "One liquorice bootlace please."
  • " I don't want all of you boys in here if only one of you are buying."
  • "Mr. Coombes"
  • "I didn't kill her!'
  • "Hurry up! Shut up! Line up in forms!"
  • The " Bicycle and the Sweet Shop" is about Dahl talking about his favourite candy at the sweet shop. Mrs. Pratchett doesn't like Dahl and his friends, and she isn't very clean. In paragraph, 26 it states "It was her hands, however, that disturbed us most. They were disgusting."
  • "Mrs. Pratchett's Revenge"
  • "Owwww!Owwww!Owwww!"
  • The " Great Mouse Plot " is about pulling a trick on Mrs. Pratchett. They find a rat in their classroom and decide to put it in the candy jars. In paragraph 26 it states '"I’ll ask for one Sherbet Sucker and one Bootlace. And while she turns away to get them, you slip the mouse in quickly with the Gobstoppers.’"
  • "First Day"
  • " I wouldn't linger to long if I were you."
  • "Mr. Coombes" is about Mrs Pratchett finding the culprits that put the mouse in the jar. Dahl is also relived that he didn't kill Mrs Pratchett. In paragraph it states " ‘There they are!’ she cried out, stabbing the air with her finger. ‘’' im and ’im and ’im! That’s the five of ’em all right!"'
  • "The Matron"
  • " Mrs Pratchett's Revenge" is about her getting revenge on the culprits by canning them.When Dahl got canned he described it to be painful. In paragraph 32 it states "It is bad enough when the cane lands on fresh skin, but when it comes down on bruised and wounded flesh, the agony is unbelievable."
  • " Hit harder headmaster!"
  • " First Day " is about Dahl attending a new school and meeting the headmaster. Dahl gets a tuck box to carry anything he wants. Dahl's mom meets the headmaster and leaves Dahl. In paragraph 13 it states "She kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye and climbed right back into the taxi."
  • " The Matron " is about Dahl meeting the Matron who torments the children. She hands them over to the headmaster who cannes them. In paragraph 31 it states " Then she went over to where the wretched Tweedie lay and very carefully she dropped these little soap-flakes into his open mouth."
  • "Stop that snoring!"
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