Updated: 1/26/2021

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  • Bloody Sunday
  • October Manifesto
  • Coup of June 1907
  • January 1905, Bloody Sunday, Troops and police open fire on a peaceful demonstraion outside the Winter Palace and elsewhere in St. Pertersburg , killing and injuring around 1,000 people. The liberal press blames Nichaols it.
  • February Revolution
  • October Manifesto Tear Nichaols is issue the October Manifesto promise civil liberites
  • February Revolution
  • i refuse to except the throne.
  • Led the second state Druma of the russia Empire the arresrt or some is members and a fundamental change in the russisan law.
  • October Revolution
  • A series of public protest begins in Petro, which last for eight days eventually results in the abolition of the monarchy in Russia.
  • Nicholas II abdicates and also removes his son from the succession.
  • The Bolsheviks take control of the Winter Palace, the best remaining holdout of the Provisional Government.