The Franks
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Franks
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  • 250 Years Later
  • He shall be the new ruler of this Kingdom
  • Clovis wins a rough and important war for the Franks. Later he will convert to Christianity because the cross he saw in the cloud was good luck and helped him win.
  • You are all blessed and now a member of the Christian Church
  • Charles Martel fights an important battle against the Arabs and Burbers. This will later be known as the battle of Tours which is arguably one of the most important battles in history. He used a powerful strategy to defeat the powerful calvary
  • Pepin "the short" finally convinces the pope to side with him and in return he will give the Pope land. The current leaders are in shock about the Pope's decision but they can't do anything about it.
  • You three will be equal in your new kingdom
  • Charlemange blessed all new citizens and forced them to become Christian. He "used his sword to spread Christianity" through his kingdom.
  • This is where Roland takes on an entire army by himself to save his fellow soldiers. Unforteintly Roland couldn't survive the battle but it was enough for his kingdom to win.
  • Odin is explaining to his three kids that there powers are equal. He tells them that they need to work together and they need to control their future kingdom peacfully.
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