Spanish History Storyboard (Olivera)
Updated: 2/3/2020
Spanish History Storyboard (Olivera)
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  • Spanish Reconquista (cont.)
  • I now give you the key to Grenada.
  • Spanish Exploration
  • I hope I can find Asia...
  • Good Idea.
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Lets get people to be loyal to us by forcing them to believe in Roman Catholicism.
  • At least this marrige united our kingdoms.
  • Right before Spain's victory on talking down Grenada, Muhammad XII of Granada gave them the key to the city. The affect from the event on Spain's worldview was that the spanish kingdoms got ahold of a bunch of materials/land and became incredibly rich and because of the newfound richness, they were able to afford paying for future expeditions.
  • Spanish Reconquista
  • During Columbus's exploration to see if he could find a route to China and India, he began to get hopeless due to rising drama in his crew about how long it would take to get over to China and India. Columbus wondered If he should go back, then continued on to see if he could truely make it to asia by going west. This affected Spain's worldviews by allowing them to become the first european country to find North America which made them incredibly rich.
  • Spanish Exploration (cont.)
  • Wow! I found Asia!
  • After taking Grenada away from the Muslims, the Spanish monarchs wondered if their citizens were truely loyal to them, which is when they came up with the Idea to have everyone be Roman Catholic or be punished (The Inquisition). The affect that this had on Spain's worldview was that it enforced ethnocentrisim and created a bunch of false accusations.
  • Spanish Inquisition (cont.)
  • We swear we're not guilty!
  • Marriage of King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I in 1469 unified the Kingdom of Aragon and Kingdom of Castille and were able to help fight against the Muslims during the Reconquista. This affected Spain's worldview by having the Kingdom of Aragon to become powerful enough to help take down Grenada and become rich enough to support future sea expeditions´╗┐.
  • Columbus discovering North America affected Spain's worldview by allowing Spain to claim new land that would stay theirs for a long period of time. The discovery of North America also affected Spain's worldview by showing them that there were other continents that were yet to be discovered completely by them.
  • The Inquisition was an attempt to get people to believe in Roman Catholic by torchering or even killing them. The affect that this had on Spain's worldview was tht the Inquisition ended up killing many people because of false accusations.
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