Q1 Project

Updated: 10/22/2021
Q1 Project

Storyboard Text

  • NO Khalil! Breath stay with me!
  • The Hate U Give By: Angie Thomas
  • The Funeral
  • Don't you Dare! Khalil wasn't no gang member!
  • The Interview
  • I'm Detective Gomez and this is my partner Detective Wilkes.
  • Khalil and Starr were going home after a misfortunate event in a party. Shots were fired at the party with a person(s) losing their life. On the way home Khalil was driving while talking to Starr. Then unexpectedly they get pulled over, and the cop wanted Khalil to get out the car but he kept refusing and asking why the cop pulled him over. While this happens Starr remembers the officer's badge number ( One- Fifteen) and convinced Khalil to get out and not cause anything. After Khalil gets out and searched by the cop Khalil goes to the driver's car window and grabbed a brush talking to Starr. The cop sees this and thought Khaili was grabbing a firearm and shoots Khalil causing him to die.
  • Riots Across Town
  • After the shooting of Khalil they hold a funeral and immediately Starr feels sick to her stomach. The funeral goes as any should people giving speeches about Khalil and good times they had with him. Starr felt as she should've gone up there. After the Pastor says a few words about Khalill, King and his gang the King Lords interrupt the service. King with a Grey bandana putting it on Khalil's lifeless body and honor him as a King Lord. As this happens Khalil's grandma shouts out they shouldn't do that with everybody defending her, saying Khalil wasn't a Gang member. King snaps back say shut up and Starr's dad stands up to king causing tension but Starr's dad convinced King to leave peacefully causing no conflict
  • Protest During School
  • Starr agrees to get interviewed by the cops with her mother aside her. At first the mother didn't have a good feeling about it and didn't want to put her daughter through this, but the mother's brother a fellow detective Carlos said Starr is a vital part of this investigation. As Starr and her mother sit in the room detectives Gomez and WIlkes enter, they introduce themselves and tells them what's going to be happening during the interview. As the tape recorders start the interview does as well. The interview goes smooth until the detectives asked questions about Khalil and if he was a drug dealer or affiliated with the King Lords. Starr got too uncomfortable to continue so her mother said that interview was over. After the interview Starr felt as she didn't tell the whole truth and didn't clear up Khalil's name .
  • The Father of One-Fifteen
  • Brian is a good man with a family.
  • As news spreads about Khalil's death riots spark all around Garden Heights. Businesses being destroyed and ruined, streets littered, and barricades blocking streets with cops in front of them. Starr's father doesn't leave his store to make sure it doesn't get destroyed, and as this is happening Starr and her family watches the riot on the news worrying about the father and his business being in danger. The riots got so bad it was to the point where there had to be a curfew to calm down the riots. Starr thinks this is her fault and she caused the riots by not telling the full truth about Khalil's murder.
  • A protest is planned for Khalil at Starr's preppy white school Williamson ( As she describes it) and at first Starr found the protest questionable until she finds out why students are actually protesting. Some students join the protest to actually spread word about Khalil and justice that is needed, but other students found it as a excuse to skip class meaning the protest was just a cover up. Starr didn't go protest and her boyfriend as well. Starr was angry at the fact that students are using her best friend's death as a excuse to leave class. Even her own friends at Williamson left class to 'protest' leaving her behind and not staying with her.
  • One-Fifteen's father speaks out for One-Fifteen. His real name is Brian Cruise, and Brian's father defends him saying Brian is a good man with a family portraying him as a man with no wrongdoing. One-Fifteen's father say One-Fifteen felt threatened and claim that he was just doing his job. The father also says that people are sending death threat and they don't feel safe being seen in public.