Russian Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian Revolution Storyboard
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  • Bloody Sunday
  • The peasants and industrial workers are protesting against our glorious czar, talking about some nonsense like "personal freedoms" and "better working conditions"! Nobody questions the czar's rule!
  • Oh, I can take care of that~...
  • February Revolution
  • We need a change! The revolution starts now! We need our bread!
  • Red Terror
  • A general complaining to another about the march on the Winter Palace. The older one decides to "fix" the issue.
  • Oppression by Nicholas II
  • Bye, Duma. You shouldn't have tried to limit my power!
  • 2 women, alongside a soldier, protesting having to stand in line for bread.
  • October Revolution
  • I am Vladimir Lenin! I call for war against this government!
  • A man is imprisoned for saying something negative about the communist movement.
  • Civil War
  • The Red Army WILL win!
  • Nicholas II dissolving the Duma, as represented by the 2 men at the right.
  • Vladimir Lenin, after having returned from exile, calling out for the czar to be overthrown.
  • A soldier from the Red Army, the guy on the left, and a soldier from the White Army, the guy on the right, about to kill each other.
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