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Buddism Montevecchi
Updated: 11/20/2020
Buddism Montevecchi
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  • Siddhartha's was born around 563 B.C.E in Nepal near the Himalayas. Siddhartha's mother wanted him to be born in a very unusual way. His mother dreamed very differently about what type of baby he would be. She gave birth to him under a tree.
  • However, Siddhartha's father wanted his son to become a King but not Buddha. so he gave him a rich lavish life with gold, food and riches trying to stop him from leaving.
  • Then one day Siddhartha wanted to explore the world outside of his life of riches. So he set out to see what life was like for people less fortunate then him. During his ride to seek life that was different then him he saw poor people, sick people and old people.
  • When he turned 30, he decided that he needed to try something new and feel the pain that other people felt so he became a Monk. He cut off his hair and he spent a lot of time trying to get total peace and enlightenment.
  • After years of living in poverty he could not find any answers. Then one day he vowed to sit under the tree of Enlighenment until his questions were answered.
  • Finally after avoiding temptation he got to a stage of enlightenment and wrote his answers to his questions creating the religion of Buddism.
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