7th Period Comic Strip
Updated: 2/12/2021
7th Period Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • She's just a silly women. She foresaw your grace and nobility as king, not your death.
  • After Caesar conquered Pompey, he had full control over Rome. He was offered the crown several times to become king or emperor of Rome.
  • I am Julius Caesar. I am the most powerful person in Rome!!
  • The Senators gathered and all agreed that Caesar needed to be taken out. Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Cinna and more were all in for Caesar's death and planned it out.
  • We must stop Caesar from gaining power.
  • You must NOT go to the Capitol today!
  • Calpurnia, Caesar's wife, saw his dreadful death and banished him from going.
  • Maybe she is right, I don't want bad omens...
  • Excuse me?!
  • You right!!
  • Decius, one of the senators, went to Caesar to tell him they would crown him king if he were to go to the Capitol.
  • Yeah, whatever...
  • You must read this letter I found. It talks about your enemies conspiring!!
  • Caesar ran into Artemidorus while on his way to the Capitol. Artemidorus tried to warm Caesar but Caesar said he was a fool
  • When Caesar arrived at the Capitol, the Senators were all there to "crown him". They all kneeled and stabbed him.
  • Et Tu Brute?