Character storyboard
Updated: 6/2/2020
Character storyboard

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  • protagonist profile
  • significant setting
  • Reading from home
  • Stevie Bell is a young genius at Ellingham academy. She has short messy blonde hair and pale skin with a Pink undertone. she is not very religious or conservative unlike her parents. she has a solid group of friends that all live with her at the school, and a love interest who is sneaky and "a lot to handle".
  • the setting of this story is Ellingham academy. built on a mountain in Vermont. This setting has a lot to do with what goes on in the book. There are many places to hide because there is a series of hidden tunnels underground. So hiding would be easy. surviving wouldn't be. Even above ground its becoming hard because of a series of "accidents" that don't really seem like accidents people keep dying.
  • My reading at home has actually been great! Two nights ago I finished the Truly Devious series. And I'm looking for a new book to read. I read in my bedroom or downstairs with my mom. This series was so good that I looked forward to reading every day.