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Updated: 1/4/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • i used this as the start of the music video to set the tone which will be used to show the contrast latter on in the video as im trying to reflect my interpretation of the song it also works with the start really well and fits in with the clips that come after.
  • this scene pops up many times throughout the video and its where i will do most of my performing here e.g the lip syncing
  • although a very short clip with many short clips in quick succession i use this as a contrast to the earlier clips to again toreflect my interpretation of the song
  • this is the same as the second scene but in these clips ill be sat down to add levels to my performance to switch things up and use different angle and shots to add more variety
  • this is for the shot of the minster and also for the shot where im stood outside of it and the camera goes up so i leave the frame and the minster is the main aspect. i will also be using close up and zooming in and out in this scene.
  • in this scene ill be walking away from the camera to add a variety to the shot types and angles of the shot
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