French Revolution part 2
Updated: 11/19/2020
French Revolution part 2

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  • March of Versailles(October 5-6, 1789)
  • Woman set out on a march from Paris to Versailles in hopes to get bread because it was too expensive us to buy
  • Royal Family attempts to flee (June 20, 1791)
  • The royal family attempted to flee Paris to Varennes. King Louis XVI realised that things were becoming to dangerous for them because of the revolution
  • King Louis XVI was executed by the guillotine. Revolutionaries made the Queen, Marie Antoinette watch as the King lost his head.
  • Execution of the King (October 16, 1793)
  • Oh no! My head!
  • Execution of the Queen (October 16, 1793)
  • The same day the Queen was executed by the guillotine. She was the first execution after the Reign of Terror started
  • Reign of Terror (September 5 1793- July 28, 1794)
  • The Reign of Terror was a period of 6 months when the most executions were done. It started after King Louis died and the first execution was Marie Antoinette
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