Animal farm storyboard: Joey Markle (pt 1.)
Updated: 12/18/2020
Animal farm storyboard: Joey Markle (pt 1.)

Storyboard Text

  • Boxer carries his stone to the site of the windmill un- assisted while the other animals work, despite the occasional failure of the other farm animals, Boxer pushed through spurting his moto, " I will work harder" and " Napoleon is always right".
  • After months of misconceptions of their leaders and days of tough work; the windmill was finally finished, they had their celebrations of their triumphant victory. Sadly, they celebrated too soon, and a night so violent with it's weather, it ripped the metal roofing off the farmhouse. The animals walked out the next morning
  • The next morning came with so much dread for they already known on what was to happen, as anticipation grew so did their sadness, for they walked around the barn and saw that their months of hard work had been destroyed and parts of the windmill were spread every where.
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