Romeo and Juliet Project-Comic Strip
Updated: 1/7/2021
Romeo and Juliet Project-Comic Strip

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  • Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet. He is unsure at first because young Romeo was rumored to be in love with Rosaline.
  • Please! You have to marry Juliet and I!
  • Weren't you in love with Rosaline like yesterday....?
  • Friar Laurence agrees to marry them after Romeconvinces him that he thinks she is the one and that he truly loves her. Romeo goes off to find the nurse to tell her the news
  • I was but then I met Juliet and I knew I must marry her! I love her as much as a man could possibly love someone
  • Ok fine. If you truly believe she's the one then I will marry you two.
  • The nurse is told the news and rushes back to tell Juliet.
  • Juliet! You are to marry the Young Romeo! How handsome is he! As cute as a button!
  • Juliet is very excited to get married. The nurse is very excited to see her get married. Juliet is also relieved because she won't have to marry Paris.
  • Oh I am so happy for you! I can't wait.
  • Oh my! I can't wait. I just know he is the right one. He is a lot kinder and handsomer than Paris.
  • They meet and Friar Laurence marries the happy kids. The nurse cries tears of joy as she watches her young one get married.
  • It's great to see two youngins fall in love.
  • She's all grown up!!! Like a bird leaving its nest!
  • The two are married and kiss. This begins their twisted yet somewhat romantic relationship.
  • *smooch*
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