ELA project

Updated: 3/4/2021
ELA project

Storyboard Text

  • A.I, should teach the schools they have little to no error.
  • Humans should teach schools. They know how to teach better.
  • That’s a good point but teachers are able to teach at a slower pace and have the students learn at a better pace.
  • If the teachers teach better, A.I. would be better because A.I. is programmed by the teachers. The A.I. will be trained more by the teachers, making the A.I. smarter than teachers.
  • That is true but what about the students social life? Smurf: Students will have more time outside of school because they can work fast and complete their personalized work and then go do extracurricular activities.
  • While teachers can teach at a slower pace, the student can get the help they need from the A.I. because the students only have one teacher that helps them instead of the teacher focusing on multiple students.
  • A.I. Teachers are better overall and are more equipped for the task at hand.
  • I think I’m starting to understand
  • Students will also be able to help each other
  • The students wouldn't need help if the work was optimized for the way they learn.
  • Hmm... that's a very good point. I guess learning from A.I. would be better.
  • See aggravated assault demon, I am always correct.