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PDHPE assessment
Updated: 9/3/2020
PDHPE assessment
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Road Safety

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  • Road Safety
  • Today's lesson will be about road safety.
  • Let's take a look at an example:
  • Following the rules of traffic will allow you to to be safe when using the road.
  • Chloe was a twelve year old girl, soon to be thirteen. She had learnt in school that in order to cross the road safely you have to use a pedestrian crossing and follow the stop, look, listen and think rule in order to make good decisions. She also learnt that stopping will remind you to not rush into anything so soon, looking will allow you to see if any cars are coming your way, listening will allow you to hear if any cars are coming your way and thinking will allow you to determine whether it is safe to cross the road or not.
  • Chloe birthday was today so to celebrate she organized her birthday party to be today and had invited her school friend Bella. Bella wanted to give Chloe a birthday gift so she went to the shops to go buy her one. Bella was unaware of road safety since she was away the day her and Chloe's class had learnt about that topic. Without hesitation Bella had crossed the main road without using her road sense, in other words she had not crossed at a pedestrian and had not used the stop, look, look, listen and think rule. The consequences that come with taking part in this risky behaviour is that Bella could potentially get hurt by the moving car, this could include her to have a concussion, not be able to walk or even suffer dying. Another consequence that comes with taking part in this risky behaviour is that the car could get damaged if the person in control of the car does not stop in time. Ways to minimise these risks are to only walk on the pedestrian crossing and to follow the stop, look, listen and think rule in order to make good decisions.
  • The frightened man had the shock of his life when he saw he was so close to hitting Bella with the car. Bella was just as frightened to think she could of gotten seriously hurt if the man hadn't stopped in time. Before the man had left to be on his way, he had told Bella to use her road sense next time. After all the commotion Bella had saw a public bike she was allowed to use so she had rode on it the rest of her way to the shops.
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