Life and Death
Updated: 4/21/2020
Life and Death
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  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu met, fought and became friends. Later on they planned to go on a journey to the cedar forest and kill Humbaba
  • They encountered Humbaba and with the help from Shamash the sun-god, they managed to kill the monster.
  • The gods were angry and decided Enkidu must die as a way of punishment. He eventually died and broke Gilgamesh's heart. Gilgamesh realized he, too will die if he doesn't find a way to immortality.
  • I do not want to die, I need to find Uta-napishti, he knows about immortality
  • After a long and difficult journey, Gilgamesh finally reached his destination. However, he learned nothing but disappointment since he realized immortality was impossible to achieve
  • Me and my wife were chosen and sent here by the gods. There's nothing I can do. Go home.
  • Uta-napishti went on to tell the story about the great flood.
  • I want immortality,
  • Uta-napishti told Gilgamesh how to swim underwater to find a flower and restore his youth. On the way home after finding the flower, Gilgamesh came across a spring and bathed in it. Then a snake stole the flower.
  • At least give Gilgamesh something to take back with him.
  • Gilgamesh got home, realizing that he will not live forever, he will age, an with that age must come maturity and wisdom to live a life worth livng.
  • I came back with a life lesson
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