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Updated: 11/22/2019
Unknown Story

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Austins story board

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  • When my family moves to a new rental home in Fort Lauderdale. I want to become everything he’s never been before.I Move into my new house and then their is this next door neighbor making all this noise and then i go over there.
  • This is my new house and i meat my new neighbor.And he just told me he just got out of jail for a car theft.And also his name is jack.And i told him who i was.Jack me he is a stalker.And the i ask him why does he do the stuff he does he told me because he has no money and he has to steal to get him some money.
  • I start hanging out with jack and we start to slip off.When are stealing money cars stuff from the gas station and all that stuff.And then we went into someones house and stole their nickles and bracelet.Then he wants me to break into his moms house and steal her T.V and take her car and money.At the end i just report him to the cops and he go to jail and no ones stuff is getting stolen.