Act 4 Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 5/18/2020
Act 4 Romeo and Juliet

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For English

Storyboard Text

  • Romeo and Juliet Act 4
  • Scene One
  • Scene Two
  • Act 4 storyboard by Riley Williams
  • Scene Three
  • Juliet, Friar Lawernce, and Paris discuss the wedding on Thursday. Juliet is upset and objects to Paris's remarks and preperation for thier marriage, and Juliet and Friar Lawerence devise a plan to avoid the wedding.
  • Scene Four
  • Lord Capulet postpones the Wedding, and Juliet agrees. She retreats to her room
  • Scene Five
  • The nurse and Juliet discuss love life, and Juliet dismisses her mother and the nurse until consuming the vial and drifting to sleep.
  • The day of the wedding arrives and the Capulets order the nurse to wake Juliet for her wedding
  • The nurse attempts to wake Juliet; however, she is pronouned dead, and the wedding is called off for a funeral.