Aphrodite's Mistake (an alternate ending to 'Eros and Psyche')
Updated: 4/7/2021
Aphrodite's Mistake (an alternate ending to 'Eros and Psyche')

Storyboard Text

  • It's Psyche!
  • <3
  • She's the most beautiful girl ever.
  • >:(
  • Psyche was a normal girl in a normal town. Everyone in town was obsessed with Psyche’s beauty. But Aphrodite grew jealous.
  • Please!
  • Aphrodite told her son Eros (Cupid) to make her fall in love with a hideous man while she slept and he obeyed. But in the process, he nicked himself with an arrow and fell in love with Psyche.
  • I will only let Psyche go if you get me a real soulmate.
  • deal.
  • The hideous man turned out to be Hades in disguise and he drags Psyche to the underworld. Aphrodite had planned this after Hades had begged for a lover. Why not kill two birds with one Psyche.
  • NO!
  • Psyche is tortured by Cerberus. Aphrodite didn't plan this. Eros is distraught that his love is being tortured. He begs Aphrodite to fix this.
  • Aphrodite makes a deal with Hades that she will get him a real soulmate if he lets Psyche free.
  • Aphrodite thinks everything is fine. But Hades has tricked her again and Aphrodite is trapped in the underworld. No one can ever love again. Actions have consequences. The end.